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Circuit Protection

Littelfuse Varistors

  • 2Pro Devices Varistors

    Littelfuse’s 2pro series is an integrated overcurrent/over-voltage protection device. 2Pro incorporates PolySwitch PPTC (Polymeric Positive Temperature Coefficient) technology and MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) technology in a single device to help …

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  • Industrial High Energy Varistors

    Littelfuse is an industry leader in circuit protection and provide a wide range of Industrial High Energy Varistors for industrial applications.



    High energy packaged industrial varistor

    Littelfuse’s BA …

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  • Multilayer Varistors

    Littelfuse offer a wide range of Multilayer Varistors used to suppress high transient voltage and to protect circuits. Littelfuse provides six types of multilayer varistors: MLA series, AUML series, MHS …

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  • Radial Leaded Varistors

    Littelfuse’s high quality radial leaded varistors are durable and reliable, they are used in SPD products, AC panel protection, solar power inverters, security systems, automation control and power supply units …

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  • Specialty Varistors

    Littelfuse offers an extensive range of Specialty Varistors which feature a wide operating voltage range, high energy absorption capability, in-line leads, high peak pulse current capability, high pulse life rating …

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  • Surface Mount Varistors

    Littelfuse’s high quality Surface Mount Varistors are designed to protect circuits against high transient voltage.

    Littelfuse surface mount varistors come in several packages, including: plastic-encapsulated surface mount MOVs, Nylon molded …

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  • Thermally Protected Varistors

    Littelfuse offers an extensive range of thermally protected varistors, including the iTMOV, SMOV25S, SMOV34S, TMOV, TMOV25S and TMOV34S series.

    Littelfuse provides high quality non fragmenting varistors and varistors with …

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