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Dynex is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high power semiconductor components, they provide support for customers requiring more than just basic semiconductors by utilising the skills of their power electronics, mechanical and electronic engineers. Dynex offer a wide range of robust and highly reliable high power IGBT modules and bipolar products that service over 60 different countries around the world.

Dynex IGBT Modules and FRDs by GD Rectifiers

FRD Modules

Dynex's FRD modules regulat electricity flow to ensure higher reliability and increased efficienfy in motor drives and other variable speed processes. Dynex's new fast recovery diode module range includes single and dual diodes rated at both 1.8kV and 3.3kV.

The 1.8kV variants include single diodes in an L footprint package (106 x 62mm) with ratings of 300A and 600A, and dual diodes in an F footprint package (130 x 140mm) with ratings of 600A, 900A and 1200A per diode. The 3.3kV variants include single diodes on the L footprint (62 x 106mm) and P footprint (140 x 73mm), both with ratings of 400A, or dual diodes on an N footprint (130 x 140mm) with ratings of 400A, 800A and 1200A per diode.

View Dynex's complete range of FRD Modules here.


High Power IGBT Modules 

Dynex utilise superior power cycling with the latest IGBT generation die with minimised switching losses. The low inductance power busbar design enables the module to cope with fast switching transients such as those generated by next generation trench gate lGBTs and Silicon MOSFETs.

The Dynex manufacturing plant offers device design, wafer fab, packaging, qualification and a testing service available on site.

View Dynex's complete range of High Power IGBT Modules here.


Dynex designs and manufactures high power semiconductors for customers around the world including the European, US and the rapidly growing Far Eastern markets.

The Power Semiconductor operation is located in Lincoln, England, manufacturing a range of high power Module and Bipolar discrete products that include insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) and diode modules, IGBT/FRD die, fast diodes, fast thyristors, gate turn-off thyristors, rectifier diodes, phase control thyristors and transistors.


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