Power Assemblies and Controllers

Circuit Protection

Resettable PTC Fuses

  • Battery Strap

    Littelfuse’s battery strap devices provide reliable, non-cycling protection against overcharging and short circuits events for rechargeable battery cells where resettable protection is desired.



    12V PolySwitch Lead Free Battery …

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  • Bladed Devices

    Littelfuse’s Bladed Devices Resettable PTCs Fuses provide overcurrent protection for passenger vehicle and heavy truck wire harnesses.

    The bladed form factor allows easy one-to-one replacement of mini-sized fuses and type …

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  • Line Voltage Rated Devices

    Littelfuse’s Line Voltage Devices provide overcurrent and overtemperature protection to customers. The devices are rated for operation at 120 and 240 volts AC and all devices are UL, CSA and …

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  • Low Resistance

    Littelfuse offers overcurrent protection from their range of two low resistance fuses, providing improved battery life with the new LoRHo.

    Low Rho SMD

    Littelfuse’s PolySwitch low resistivity SMD (surface-mount device) …

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  • Radial Leaded

    Littelfuse’s radial leaded resettable PTC (positive temperature coefficient) fuses are designed to provide overcurrent protection for applications and represent the most comprehensive set of PPTC (polymeric positive temperature coefficient) products …

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  • Surface Mount

    Littelfuse offers a comprehensive range of of automotive surface-mount PPTC fuses that provide extensive overcurrent protection and are AEC-Q200 qualified.


    The 0402L series PTC provides surface mount …

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  • TD and Chip Resettable PTCs

    Littelfuse’s TD (terminal devices) and Chip Polyswitch devices are designed for use in small and medium automotive motor applications such as power windows, door lock motors and lumbar pump motors. …

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  • Telecom

    Littelfuse’s Telecom Series is designed to protect against short duration high voltage fault currents (power induction surge) typically found in telecom applications. The 250R Series can help provide protection against …

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