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October 2018 – Semikron – Your Ultimate Partner for Power Electronics

Published on: 29/10/2018

Discover more about Semikron’s power electronics including the SEMiX and MiniSKiiP product ranges

Your Ultimate Partner for Power Electronics, SEMIKRON SEMiX Range by GD Rectifiers

Your Ultimate Partner for Power Electronics

In the world of electronics today, the way to guarantee maximum supply chain safety is to use industry standard power modules. Semikron’s portfolio covers all the standard packages and are fully compatible and provide added value in the form of optimisations.

By continually expanding their SEMiX and MiniSKiiP production capacities, they are able to meet our customers growing needs. What’s more, their application experts worldwide are at your service, delivering professional support for your system design and configuration.



Semikron’s SEMiX range features a unification of IBT and rectifier housings, they are all at the same height (17mm) and can be connected by one principle DC-link design. This saves engineers development time and makes a simple and low-inductance DC-link profile possible. The spring or press-fit contacts allow a gate driver to be mounted directly on top of the module eliminating the risk of noise on wires or loose connectors. The solder-free contacts offer a fast and easy assembly process.

SEMIKRON SEMiX Product Range by GD Rectifiers



SEMIKRON MiniSKiiP by GD Rectifiers 

With the introduction of the latest IGBT 7 chip generation, the MiniSKiiP is once again setting new standards in power density and performance for low and medium-power motor drives. Combined with the well-known advantages of the MiniSKiiP SPRiNG technology and its easy assembly process, a new benchmark in performance has been set.


Compared to conventionally soldered modules, where expensive soldering equipment and time-consuming solder processes are required, no dedicated tools are needed for MiniSKiiP’s assembly thanks to the single or two-screw connection.  The printed circuit board (PCB), the power module and the heat sink are all assembled in a single step.


SEMIKRON MiniSKiiP by GD Rectifiers

GD Rectifiers have been an official distributor for Semikron for over 20 years, they distribute Semikron’s complete range of power electronic components including: thyristors, diodes, IGBTs, MOSFETs, rectifier bridges, SiC hybrid power modules, SiC power modules, thyristor diode modules, heat sinks and power assemblies.


For further information on all Semikron products please contact our sales team today on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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