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October 2018 – Enerdoor’s Power Factor Correction: FINSVG

Published on: 04/10/2018

GD Rectifiers announces the latest addition to Enerdoor’s power factor correction range

Enerdoor Power Factor Correction by GD Rectifiers

Enerdoor’s recently developed FINSVG Static Var Generator benefits markets by offering cost and energy savings by using power factor correction.

Power factor has an ideal measurement of 1. Currently, numerous manufacturing plants are experiencing low power factor. Electrical utility companies are often charging these plants penalties and additional fees when the power factor correction is 90% or less. As an incentive for facilities to improve power factor, electrical utility companies offer a credit on electricity bills when the power factor is greater than 95%.

Low power factor creates additional costs and unnecessary stress on certain equipment in the facility which can lead to premature failure.


Enerdoor Power Factor Correction by GD Rectifiers

The Challenge

Most loads in modern facilities are inductive loads, such as motors or transformers. An induction motor requires working power (Kw) to perform the actual work and reactive power (kVAR) to sustain the magnetic field.

Other devices with non-linear loads that affect the power factor are rectifiers, fluorescent lamps, electric welding or arc furnaces.

Today, end user facilities are continuing to evaluate solutions and are starting to require that new OEM equipment be compliant with a minimum of 90-95% power factor.


Enerdoor’s Solution: FINSVG

Currently capacitor banks are the most commonly used solution in the industry. Although they help with power factor correction there is definitely room for improvement.

Enerdoor has developed a technology system controlled by IGBT technology and unlike capacitor banks, the FINSVG is immune to harmonics through active load balancing by advance digital control. The compensation capacity doesn’t decline and the system is capable of compensating both inductive and capacitive reactive power.

Enerdoor’s FINSVG offers compensation starting at 30 KVAR with a modular design and can either be wall or rack mounted. It is available starting at 208Vac.

Enerdoor’s Static VAR Generator may be installed in either a single unit system or multiple, parallel modules for entire facilities.

The parallel concept of the FINSVG allows for easy installation in new or existing applications and high reliability due to: unaffected harmonic resonance and IGBTs are monitored and will automatically reduce power if the temperature exceeds safe operating levels.

Enerdoor’s SVG offers a solution for both linear and non-linear loads with leading or lagging power factor. Recent design features make the FINSVG highly reliable and remote controllable. It’s compact size and rack and wall options offer easy installation to OEMs or end user facilities. The features and benefits of the FINSVG provide a better solution for power factor correction than the commonly used capacitor banks.



GD Rectifiers are the official UK distributor for Enerdoor’s range of electromagnetic solutions for automated and industrial machinery.

View the complete range here


For further information on Enerdoor’s power factor correction range please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or mail:

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