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September 2021 - IXYS New Products

Published on: 10/09/2021

High temperature discrete thyristor and photovolatic gate driver

IXYS High Temperature Discrete Thyristors by GD Rectifiers

CPC1596 – 570V Load-Biased Opto-Gate Driver

IXYS’ photovoltaic (PV) Gate Drivers simplify SSR-design by eliminating the need for auxiliary power supplies. Due to output currents in μA-range, they get slower with larger gate charges of external MOSFETs, making it difficult to fulfil demanding application requirements.

 IXYS CPC1596 Image by GD Rectifiers


-       570V high voltage IC with integrated voltage regulator for driving high-power, high-voltage MOSFETs

-       Capable to source 9.9mA and sink 6mA gate-current

-       Only 2.5mA input LED current required

-       3750VRMS input-to-output galvanic isolation



-       Eliminates the need for auxiliary power supply and boosts external MOSFET turn-on speed using


-       Enables using higher power MOSFETs

-       Can be controlled from a logic port

-       Supports optically isolated SSR applications both, AC and DC



-       Universal 110-230VRMS equipment

-       Industrial controls and instrumentation

-       Automatic Test Equipment (ATE)

-       Home and building HVAC controls

-       Medical devices

-       IoT


CPC1596 Datasheet


High-Temperature Discrete Thyristor Alternistor TRIACs

IXYS’ QJxx10xHx and QJxx10xx series are ideal for applications requiring a wider operating margin in existing AC switching and motor control applications. They are also recommended in applications where it is critical to reduce the heatsink required in a new design, the components high junction temperature, combined with thermally excellent clip-attach assemblies enables easier thermal management.

Littelfuse Thyristor QJxx10xx and QJxx10xHx by GD Rectifiers  


-       150°C maximum junction temperature

-       VDRM up to 800V

-       ITSM up to 12A

-       Clip-attach assembly process

-       Internally isolated package available in TO-220

-       Recognised to UL 1557



-       Allows a wider operating margin in existing design, enabling a smaller heatsink for new designs

-       Suitable for line AC voltage up to 250VRMS

-       Tolerates higher inrush current in heater or motor control application

-       Mechanically and thermally robust package offer greater field reliability

-       Good heat dissipation and high isolation voltage



-       AC switching and motor speed control

-       Kitchen and home appliances

-       Static switching relays

-       Lighting control


QJxx10xHx and QJxx10xx Series Datasheet


GD Rectifiers is an official distributor for IXYS and have been distributing their range of power semiconductors for over two decades. GD Rectifiers offers customers a wide range of products, including: diodes, IGBTs, inverter modules, MOSFETs, rectifier bridges, AC controlled thyristors, SiC power MOSFETs, SiC schottky diodes, switchable current regulators, thyristors, thyristor diode modules, thyristor module accessories and IGBT and MOSFET gate drivers.


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