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May 2020 - The Benefits of Call-off and Scheduled Orders

Published on: 14/05/2020

GD Rectifiers highlights the importance of having flexible order arrangements with distributors in the industry today


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With every organisation across all industries impacted by COVID-19 in some shape or form, and with many companies closed, operating with skeleton staff or facing production delays, there has never been a better time to place call-off or scheduled orders with your distributor.  

In these unprecedented times, buyers are bound to be wishing they had placed scheduled or call-off orders before now, as they’d feel comfortable knowing that they have more flexibility in their supply chain. Those buyers are likely to have avoided scheduled orders in the past for fear of having surplus stock on the shelves by committing to an order, but now they will be struggling to obtain stock over the next few months. 

In today’s market, buyers and procurement specialists need flexibility, there is a greater demand for companies to be reactive and the best way for them to do this is to place a flexible order. Although those buyers that already have scheduled or call-off orders on the system are at an advantage, buyers have a chance now to get ahead of the rest by placing their orders as soon as possible.


Benefits of flexible orders

GD Rectifiers offers their customers two types of flexible orders: call-off orders and scheduled orders

We offer a call-off service for customers that want to order a large amount of devices in one go to get the best possible pricing, but do not have the warehouse space to stock all of the products at their site. GD Rectifiers offers to keep the product on their shelves over an agreed period of time and will send products out when a call-off order is requested. This flexibility in placing orders and managing stock fulfilment is one of the reasons why customers keeping shopping with GD Rectifiers.

At GD Rectifiers we understand that the key buying factors and project priorities for engineers can change quickly, which is why we’re proud to offer flexible products and services to our customers. We suggest organising scheduled orders for customers that want to order a large amount of products but want to stagger the drops over a 12-month period, we liaise with the factory to ensure we receive the product at our warehouse ready in time for the customer to receive on the scheduled dates.


Saving you money

Scheduled and call-off orders are becoming increasingly popular with buyers as they only pay for the components they need when they actually remove them from our warehouse stock. Long-term arrangements like call-off and scheduled orders are advantageous to buyers because they lead to large volume discounts and guarantee the best possible pricing for purchasers.

Call-off arrangements can often protect purchasers from price increases too, ensuring they secure the best price for the duration of the agreement. It also allows buyers to have buffer stock on the shelves, readily available to supply increased demand if necessary.


Increase your productivity

For many purchasers that require components for larger builds, ensuring they receive parts on-time is crucial to their project as it can have a negative impact on maximising efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


Fast time to market

Alongside cost savings, one of the major benefits of using flexible orders, is that scheduling an order can significantly improve order-to-delivery time, reducing the risk of holding stock and reducing the risk of waste in your organisation.


How do scheduled or call-off orders typically work?

In order to provide as much flexibility as possible, and the range of benefits listed above, we have been offering scheduled and call-off arrangements to our customers for many years. The process typically works as follows:

GD Rectifiers will negotiate with the manufacturer on your behalf, providing fixed pricing and confirming all costs and options up front, including the expected start date and delivery drops. We’ll inform you when the stock first arrives at our site in Burgess Hill, at which point the agreement period will start.


For scheduled orders, we will invoice you only when we deliver your goods and a final invoice will be sent with the balance of any remaining stock typically at the 12-month period (if not taken before).

We will also send you a monthly update informing you of the balance of stock and the period left. We’ll also give you advanced notice when the agreement is nearing its end, giving you the option to start a new agreement, ensuring constant supply with no delays in delivery.

For call-off orders, we will wait for you to place an order, calling off your items within the agreed period, which is usually 12 months. You won’t be invoiced for the goods until they leave our factory in Burgess Hill, West Sussex.


If you’re new to flexible orders

When placing either a scheduled or call-off order, it is important to use a distributor that you trust and one that will be understanding, should your demand or supply chain change in any way.

GD Rectifiers works with customers to organise flexible orders that suit your requirements, with orders to be taken within the agreed timeframe. Unlike most distributors, GD Rectifiers are understanding and will make exceptions or extend the contract duration for unforeseen circumstances they deem to be acceptable.


GD Rectifiers distribute a wide range of semiconductors, circuit protection devices, passive components, magnetic and wound products, green energy solutions and traction converters and subsystems. Alongside distributing power electronic components, the company also manufactures their own range of heatsinks and hardware, power assemblies and obsolete semiconductors.

For further information about the flexible order options available to you, or to discuss an enquiry, please call GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).