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March 2019 - IXYS Discontinuation Notice

Published on: 08/03/2019

IXYS announces discontinuation of over 30 semiconductor components

IXYS Products

IXYS (now part of Littelfuse) has announced the discontinuation of several IGBT transistors, MOSFET transistors, avalanche diodes, rectifiers and phase control thyristors.

GD Rectifiers has been an authorised distributor for IXYS, IXYS UK Westcode, IXYS Integrated Circuits Division and IXYS RF for over twenty years. We work closely with customers to offer alternatives to obsolete IXYS parts, and notify them when components come to end of life.

Please refer to the table below for obsolete part numbers, recommended replacement parts, last time order dates and last time delivery dates.

IGBT Transistors

Part Number     Reason     LTO Date     LTD Date     IXYS Recommended Replacement  
IXDH35N60BLow demand   31/03/201931/07/2019IXXH30N60B3; IXYH30N65C3
IXDP35N60BLow demand  31/03/201931/07/2019IXYP30N65C3
IXDP20N60BLow demand31/03/201931/07/2019IXYP20N65B3

MOSFET Transistors

Part Number      Reason      LTO Date      LTD Date      IXYS Recommended Replacement
IXTN15N100Low demand   31/03/201931/07/2019IXFN26N100P
IXTN36N50Low demand31/03/201931/07/2019IXFN48N60P
IXTN79N20Low demand31/03/2019 31/07/2019IXFN140N20P

Avalanche Diodes

Part Number      Reason      LTO Date      LTD Date      IXYS Recommended Replacement
DSA9-12FOld technology/low demand 31/07/201931/12/2019DSI30-12A
DSA9-16FOld technology/low demand31/07/201931/12/2019DSI30-16A
DSA9-18FOld technology/low demand31/07/201931/12/2019Contact factory
DSI17-12AOld technology/low demand 31/07/201931/12/2019DSI1X55-12A; DMA50I1200HA
DSAI17-12AOld technology/low demand31/07/201931/12/2019DSI2X55-16A; DMA50I1200HA
DSAI17-16AOld technology/low demand31/07/201931/12/2019DSI2X55-16A; DMA50I1600HA
DSAI17-18AOld technology/low demand31/07/201931/12/2019Contact factory


Part Number      Reason      LTO Date      LTD Date      IXYS Recommended Replacement
31/07/201931/12/2019DMA200X(XA)1600NA; DAA200X(XA)1800NA 
31/07/201931/12/2019DMA200X(XA)1600NA; DAA200X(xa)1800NA
31/07/201931/12/2019DMA200(XA)1600NA; DAA200X(XA)1800NA
31/07/201931/12/2019DMA200X(XA)1600NA; DAA200(XA)1800NA

Phase Control Thyristors

These parts were removed from the catalogue in 2015 and have now been replaced by the improved devices listed below. 

Part Number      Reason      LTO Date      LTD Date      IXYS Recommended Replacement
N1314NC300Improved replacement  31/03/201931/07/2019N1725MC320
N1314NC320Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N1725MC320
N1314NC340Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N1725MC360
N1314NC350Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N1725MC360
N1314NC360Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N1725MC360
N1479NC260Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N2055MC260
N1479NC300Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N1725MC320
N1479NC320Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N1725MC320
N1588NC220Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N2055MC260
N1588NC260Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N2055MC260
N2046NC120Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N2600MC160
N2046NC160Improved replacement31/03/201931/07/2019N2600MC160

*LTO – last time order date

*LTD – last time delivery date

To discuss your requirements or to place a last time to buy order please ensure you place your orders before the last dates listed above. You can call our friendly team who will help you place an order, find alternative devices and provide technical support on any questions you might have.

Can’t find the correct replacement part for the package you need? GD Rectifiers are able to offer direct alternatives to suit your package requirements, for further information and technical support on which product best fits your application, please contact our sales team today.

For further information on IXYS product discontinuations or to discuss your requirements, please call GD Rectifiers’ sales team on: 01444 243 452 or email us: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).