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January 2019 - Design Registrations for Distributors

Published on: 31/01/2019

Discover the benefits of design registrations and how they are issued 

Design Registrations by GD Rectifiers

Distributors play a key role in helping customers launch new OEM systems and component manufacturers are increasingly looking for their distributors to help support the promotion and performance of their products.

To help support component manufacturers, distributors usually have field application engineers (FAE’s) who will work with OEMs designers and will suggest which parts are the best fit for their end product and application.


What is a design registration?

Component manufacturers will assign a distributor a design registration for a specific part when a distributor assists an OEM customer with a design that uses the manufacturer’s component.  The registration means that the distributor will get a discount for the part when the OEMs system that uses the component goes into production. Not all manufacturers offer design registrations, some smaller manufacturers may not already have this system in place or some may only apply them at their discretion on a case by case basis.


Why are design registrations important?

Design registrations are important for distributors that have invested time and money in supporting design services, FAE’s and other engineers. Distributors invest a lot of time and personnel in working with OEMs and design registrations enable them to be rewarded for their hard work.


Benefits of design registrations?

Distributors typically receive a discount from the manufacturer on the specific part for a design registration. The distributor receives a better price break which helps them when the design goes in to production. A design registration can be a determining factor when buyers invite distributors to tender. Some manufacturers will only provide the distributor that has design registered a part supported pricing on that device, other distributors that enquire about that part are often told supported pricing cannot be given and that the part is design registered to avoid duplication.

Design registrations are important to GD Rectifiers because they help protect our investments with customers where we provide extensive technical support and design assistance. It’s important that we get recognised for our support and have the chance to retain the customer’s business in production when they purchase the registered product.

Design registrations are an indicator of our design wins and the hard work our team put in to bring in new business. Design registrations allow us to plan and resource our team and workload appropriately so that we can forecast new and exciting projects.


GD Rectifiers is a global manufacturer and distributor of products, services and solutions to commercial and industrial users of power electronic components. We have been servicing engineers, buyers and procurement specialists for over 50 years across a large range of industries including: aviation, automotive, rail, medical, industrial and electronics. 

We are a global designer and manufacturer of selenium and silicon rectifiers, suppressors, inverters, regulators, high voltage diodes, power assemblies and heat sinks. We also offer a repair and replacement service for faulty or aging semiconductor rectifiers, converters, inverters and regulators.

We distribute for over 26 of the world’s leading component manufacturers including: IXYS Corporation, IXYS Power, IXYS UK Westcode, IXYS RF, IXYS Integrated Circuits, Semikron, Electronic Devices Inc, Eaton Bussmann, Mersen, Eichhoff Elektro, Enerdoor, KONČAR, API Capacitors, Ocram Power Electronics, Telcon, Sirio and United Automation.

We are committed to ensuring the production and delivery of high quality products, we strive to provide our customers with products and services that exceed their expectations. We work with some of the world's leading manufacturers for worldwide coverage in the power electronics industry, guaranteeing the best quality at all times.

As a leading independent distributor of electronic components, we understand the importance of complying with UK and EU legislation recognised by the industry's governing bodies. Our quality procedures cover all aspects of the production and delivery stages we carry out ensuring customer satisfaction and enabling continuous improvement.

GD Rectifiers products comply with the EU directive on the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and we are dedicated to maintaining quality, environmental and health and safety compliance throughout our business. We adhere to to the following standards: ISO 9001:2015, BS EN 60947-4-3:2014, BS EN 60146-1-1:2010 and we are also proud to be RISQ accredited.


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