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June 2024 – IXYS Trench Series XPT Discrete IGBTs

Introducing IXYS’ range of 4th generation Trench Series XPT Discrete IGBTs
New IXYS Trench Series XPT Discrete IGBTs

IXYS’ new XPT discrete IGBT range utilises XPT thin-wafer technology and 4th generation (GenX4TM) Trench IGBT process, this 1200V, 110A device helps to reduce gate driver requirements and conduction losses.

The discrete IGBTs feature reduced thermal resistance, low losses, high current densities and low gate charge. A positive voltage temperature coefficient enables designers to use multiple devices in parallel.

Trench Series XPT Discrete IGBTs: The Benefits

  • Ideal for high power density and high inrush currents, low loss applications
  • Hard-switching capable
  • Easy paralleling of devices
  • Reduced gate driver requirements
  • Ease of replacement and availability of isolation package



  • IC 110A, ICM 900A, Low VCE (Sat)
  • Square Reverse Bias Safe Operating Areas (RBSOA) at 960V
  • Positive thermal coefficient
  • Low gate charge QG
  • Packages: TO-264, PLUS247 and SOT-227B (miniBLOC)



  • Lamp Ballast
  • 3-phase welding machines
  • Inrush current protection circuits
  • Transformer-less solar power inverter
  • Load switches







GD Rectifiers is an official distributor for IXYS and has been stocking their complete range of high power semiconductor components for over twenty-five years. GD Rectifiers stocks IXYS: diodes, IGBTs, inverter modules, MOSFETs, rectifier bridges, thyristors, AC controlled thyristors, SiC power MOSFETs, SiC Schottky diodes, switchable current regulators, thyristor diode modules, thyristor module accessories, and IGBT and MOSFET gate drivers.

For further information on IXYS products, or to receive a quote, please contact GD Rectifiers on: 01444 243 452 or email:

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