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Solid Fin Heatsinks

GD Rectifiers design and manufacture a wide range of Solid Fin Heatsinks which are typically used in devices across numerous industries including: Industrial controls, medical, military, motor drives, power controls, solar energy, wind energy and transportation.

The Solid Fin Heatsink is characterised by the shape of its fins, it is designed for free convection; however, it can also be used for forced-air cooled systems as well.


Solid Fin Heatsinks by GD Rectifiers


Browse the heatsink range below by device type, part number or comparison guide. The comparison guide allows you to compare the various sizes of each device.


High Efficiency Solid Fin Large Module Device & LED Lighting Heatsinks:



PS291                                                                          PS292  

Comparison guide                                                    Comparison guide

77x215mm                                                                  77x215mm 



PS293                                                                  PS340

Comparison guide                                            Comparison guide

77x215mm                                                          80X260mm



PS285                                           PS335

Comparison guide                      Comparison guide

85x200mm                                   85x250mm




Comparison guide




Comparison guide





Comparison guide




Comparison guide




Comparison guide



GD Rectifiers are experts in Thermal Management, Standard & Custom Made Heatsinks, Cold Plates, Liquid Cooling Solutions and Thermal Assemblies. Offering an extensive range of Forced-Air Cooled and Aluminum Heatsinks, they have a wide selection of high quality heatsinks readily available in stock at unbeatable prices and offer a next day delivery service.

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