Power Assemblies and Controllers

IXYS UK Power Assemblies

Standard Assemblies

IXYS UK offer three separate designs: a totally independent 3.3kV system, a 6.6kV system and a 10kV system. The 6.6kv and 10kv systems are based on the combination of 2 IGBT stacks and one diode stack. Each system benefits from direct water cooling to provide highly effective heat dissipation away from the devices and pre-loaded disc spring clamping to evenly distribute the applied force across the entire surface area of the device. 

IXYS UK Standard Assemblies

An integrated snubber circuit design and an isolated clamping rod system is also designed into each system, to limit the occurrence of eddy currents within the unit.

3.3kv system – complete phase leg

Power Rating (MW)  8       
Nominal Line Current (Amps)    1600
No. of IGBTs 4
No. of Diodes 6
No. of Coolers 13
Required IGBT Type T2400GB45E   
Required Diode Type E2400TC45C

6.6kV system

Power Rating (MW)        12
Nominal Line Current (Amps)     1000     
No. of IGBTs 4
No. of Diodes 4
No. of Coolers 5
Required IGBT Type T1600GB45G   
Required Diode Type E2400TC45C 

10kV system

Power Rating (MW)       16 
Nominal Line Current (Amps)    1000
No. of IGBTs 6
No. of Diodes 6
No. of Coolers 7
Required IGBT Type T1600GB45G
Required Diode Type E2400TC45C


Easy Mount Standard Rectifier Assemblies

IXYS UK’s easy mount standard rectifier assemblies can be supplied with the diodes already mounted or as kits allow for easy mounting of rectifier diodes to cooling fins using four bolts.

The diodes are single sided and mounted directly to a copper base plate which is pre-drilled with four holes. The diodes can be either anode or cathode side down, with three versions available suitable for 34mm to 50mm electrode devices. 

IXYS UK Easy Mount Assemblies

There are many benefits to using easy mount rectifier assemblies, they are design compatible with obsolete flat based rectifiers and utilises high reliability. They are single side mounting to cooling plates and have voltage ratings up to 4.5kV and current ratings up to 2035A.

Applications include: rail applications, traction main drives, DC locomotives, trackside substations, front-end rectification, power conversion and marine and off-shore applications.


Custom Built Assemblies

Both IXYS UK and GD Rectifiers offer custom built assemblies, from concept through to development and manufacture, our teams work closely with you to understand your requirements. 

IXYS UK Custom Built Assemblies

Using the latest 3D modelling techniques, IXYS UK can visualise concepts and check form, fit and function with virtual prototypes. IXYS UK can also carry out simulation modelling, allowing them to model pressure drops through coolers/manifolds and heat flows through heat sinks.


Traction Applications

With over 40 years of extensive experience in the industry, IXYS UK’s dedicated team of design engineers can deliver solutions to a vast range of design problems, ranging from simple trackside rectifiers to complex propulsion converters.

IXYS UK Traction Applications

As an early developer of solid state converters for traction systems back in the late 1950’s, IXYS UK continues to be one of the world’s leading solution providers to the rail industry, specialising in:

- Component obsolescence

- Improving power equipment reliability

- Contract maintenance of power modules

- Refurbishment of power electronics

- Upgrades to existing systems

Component obsolescence is becoming an increasing problem for the rail sector as equipment design life invariably exceeds that of the modern power electronics components. IXYS UK’s team of highly skilled engineers are able to re-engineer older equipment to incorporate the latest technology whilst maintaining compatibility. 

IXYS UK and GD Rectifiers are able to work within a consortium of specialist international companies for larger projects, to ensure the best skillset is at hand to deliver turnkey solutions for all requirements.


Silicon Assemblies

IXYS UK offer a wide range of units, incorporating international standard outline silicon semiconductors. IXYS UK products have a renowned worldwide reputation for high quality in military, industrial and domestic applications.

IXYS UK Silicon Assemblies

Discrete semiconductor devices are mounted by standard extruded aluminium heat sinks, see example configurations listed below (suitable for 440VRMS, 50Hz mains operation):

- Single-phase diode bridges with current ratings from 70 to 5710A DC

- Single-phase half or fully controlled bridges from 35A to 2200A DC

- Three-phase diode bridges with current ratings from 100 to 7190A DC

- Three-phase half or fully controlled bridges from 45A to 3790A DC

- Hexaphase single way diode assemblies from 200 to 14380A DC

- Hexaphase single way thyristor assemblies from 90 to 7580A DC

- AC regulators, single and three-phase from 40 to 2940A RMS


Included in IXYS UK’s standard range are solid-state, water-cooled AC regulators for resistance welding with ratings from 315 to 3020A RMS. Water-cooled single and three-phase assemblies from 1200 to 6000A RMS are also available. 

View the full IXYS UK Power Assemblies range here.


GD Rectifiers work closely with IXYS UK on projects for both custom built assemblies and silicon assemblies, if IXYS UK are unable to fulfil projects then GD Rectifiers can offer their services and solutions. 

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IXYS UK Westcode

IXYS UK Westcode, formerly Westcode Semiconductors has been at the forefront of power semiconductor design. Supporting a truly worldwide and diverse market place, IXYS UK Westcode has evolved in to one of the world's leading manufacturers of high power semiconductors. 

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