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Ignition Transformers

Eichhoff Elektro manufacture a small range of Ignition Transformers that are used in applications such as gas and oil burners.

Eichhoff Elektro Ignition Transformers


According to DIN 3446, DIN EN 60 335-1, special features include:

- Circuit board assembly

- Small dimensions

- For one or two ignition points

- Primary: Solder pins for PCB mounting

- Secondary: fastons 2.8 x 0.8mm

- Strict individual quality testing

- Self-extinguishing potting and housing material


Type               Primary Collection      Secondary Output 1      Secondary Output 2       Max. Temperature
E 3746/1xx Solder pins Fastons Fastons 85°C
E 3746/2xx Solder pins Solder pins Solder pins 85°C
E 3746/300 Solder pins Solder pins Fastons 85°C


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Eichhoff Elektro

Eichhoff Elektro manufactures safety transformers and electronic ignition systems for gas. 

Eichhoff Elektro joined the Enerdoor Group in 2011 which consists of Enerdoor in North America and Europe, Finmotor and Finlab in Italy and Eichhoff Elektro in Hungary.


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