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Forced-Air Cooled Heatsinks

GD Rectifiers are the UK's leading manufacturer of Forced-Air Cooled Heatsinks. Heatsinks are an essential requirement in modern day electronics, they are used to reduce their temperature through increased thermal mass and heat dissipation. 

A forced-air cooled heatsink is used in conjunction with a fan to increase the rate of airflow over the heatsink, this maintains a larger temperature gradient by replacing warmed air faster than convection would. A forced-air cooled heatsink enables more air to be forced into the system than what is being pumped out because of the imbalance in the number of fans which is referred to as a positive airflow, causing the pressure inside the unit to be greater than outside. 

Forced-air Cooled Heatsinks are used for the cooling of power semiconductor modules for traction and auxiliary power units in rail vehicles, cooling of inverter modules in renewable energies and the cooling of frequency converters in soft starters or in large drives.

For heatsinks such as the PS260 we recommend side plates to improve the flow of air. We also offer cooling options for the comb style heatsinks such as the PS385.


Module Device Fan Cooled Heatsinks

PS218-xxF                                        PS260-xxF                         PS260-xxF(6)

0.1 DegC/W                                      0.075 DegC/W                   0.05 DegC/W

Forced Air Cooled Heatsink by GD Rectifiers          Forced Air Cooled Heatsink by GD Rectifiers          Forced Air Cooled Heat Sink by GD Rectifiers



0.12 DegC/W

Forced Air Cooled Heatsink


Large Module Device Fan Cooled Heatsinks

PS292-xxF                                       PS385-xxF 

0.028 DegC/W                                0.02 DegC/W

Forced Air Cooled Heatsink by GD Rectifiers         Forced Air Cooled Heatsink by GD Rectifiers 


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