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Electronic Ignition Systems

Eichhoff Elektro ignition systems are ideal for cooking, baking and heating appliances. Features include: low power consumption, repetitive spark ignition, one to six ignition points, long life guaranteed semiconductors and fastons for mains and high voltage. 

Eichhoff's Ignition Transformers are ideal for gas and oil burners. Features include: high frequency ignition system, safe and stable ignition and quality based on individual testing.

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Eichhoff Elektro Electronic Ignition Systems


According to DIN 3446, DIN EN 60 335-1 special features include:

- Repetitive spark ignition system

- For one to six ignition points

- Low power consumption

- Long life guaranteed by semiconductors

- Fastons for mains and high voltage

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Type                     Supply Voltage     Number of Outputs     Spark Frequency     Max. Temperature    
E 3702/61 1.5V DC 2 4-16Hz 70°C
E 3707/24 230V AC 2 4Hz 100°C
E 3712/12 12V DC 2 2-16Hz 70°C
E 3713 230V AC 1 50Hz 70°C
E 3713/1 230V AC 1 5Hz 110°C
E 3748/2 115/230V AC 2 2-16Hz 125°C
E 3748/4 115/230V AC 4 2-16Hz 125°C
E 3748/6 115/230V AC 6 2-16Hz 125°C

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Eichhoff Elektro

Eichhoff Elektro manufactures safety transformers and electronic ignition systems for gas. 

Eichhoff Elektro joined the Enerdoor Group in 2011 which consists of Enerdoor in North America and Europe, Finmotor and Finlab in Italy and Eichhoff Elektro in Hungary.


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