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May 2018 - IXYS 60V TrenchT3 HiPerFET Power MOSFETs

Published on: 10/05/2018

Learn more about the IXYS 60V TrenchT3 HiPerFET Power MOSFETs


IXYS 60V TrenchT3 HiPerFET Power MOSFETs by GD Rectifiers


IXYS’ 60V TrenchT3 HiPerFET Power MOSFETs are ultra low on-resistance, rugged devices for industrial power conversion applications. They feature: 

-       Ultra low on-state resistance

-       High current handling capability

-       Avalanche rated

-       Fast body diode

-       175°C operating temperature

-       High power density

-       Available in international standard packages: TO-220, TO-263, TO-247


Key Technology Advantages

TrenchT3 Technology

- Rds(on) as low as 3.1mΩ

- High current handling capability

- Reduction in the number of MOSFETs needed

- Paralleling multiple devices avoided


Avalanche Ruggedness & Fast Body Diode

-       Avalanche rated at high avalanche current levels

-       Junction temperature up to 175°c

-       High efficiency during high-speed switching


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